When he's not busy singing things, Tim can be found teaching voice at Dean College, The Franklin School for the Performing Arts, and privately, at his home studio in Quincy, MA. 

My Philosophy

I’ve found that when singers have fun, they sing better, learn faster, and grow stronger. I’ve been lucky to have found the type of music that makes me come alive, and even luckier to have had teachers who empowered me to be an artist. I want to help my students build a technical foundation that's informed by science, made simple and accessible—that allows them to meet their own artistic goals—to find what lights their fire and help them build an audience to share it with. There is no right way to do this — only the way that works for you. Let's work TOGETHER and find out what it is!   

I teach classical, folk, musical theater, and Popular styles of singing. Set up a free trial lesson through via contact form!

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